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Spot welding machine

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Spot welding machine
The projection welding machine is pneumatically pressurized and bearing-oriented. The welding procedure is automatically controlled by a microcomputer control box. It has the characteristics of accurate welding point control and good electrode followability. It is widely used in multi-point projection welding and spot welding of mechanical parts such as auto parts.
There are many types of projection welding. In addition to plate projection welding, there are also projection welding of nuts and screws, cross projection welding of wires, tube projection welding and plate t-shaped projection welding, etc., which meet the requirements of users' welding workpieces. Different electrodes and tools can be used. It is widely used in industrial sectors such as automobile manufacturing, tractor manufacturing, and motorcycle manufacturing.
The projection welding machine is a vertical movement type pressurizing mechanism. Due to the compressibility of air, the followability of pneumatic welding machines is better than hydraulic welding machines, and the pneumatic system can be used for vertical power welding machines of all powers, so most of the projection welding machines use pneumatic systems. The projection welding machine has good rigidity, but the electrode arm extension length is generally smaller than that of the spot welding machine.
Projection welding is a variant of spot welding. The welding process is the same as the principle and spot welding. Therefore, the projection welding machine used is basically the same as the spot welding machine. The difference is that:
1, the upper and lower electrodes are not round but flat, and the working surface is flat, and usually have standard T-shaped grooves for mounting bolts;
2. The power of the welding machine and the pressure of the electrode are relatively large, which depends on the number of bumps or the area of the ring;
3. The general electrode pressurization is only suitable for direct pressure type, that is, the upper electrode moves vertically to its working surface.
There are universal and special projection welding machines; if spot welding accessories are added to the upper and lower electrodes of the general welding machine, it becomes a dual-purpose machine for projection welding and spot welding.
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