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Grill net welding machine

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Grill net welding machine
The characteristics of barbecue grill welding machine:
1. Manual feed type: Put the workpiece into the mold manually, start the welding machine to weld one row in turn, and then manually advance to the next row of automatic welding until the entire workpiece is welded;
2.Semi-automatic feeding type: Manually set the workpiece, automatically step feeding, the machine automatically welds one row, and then automatically pulls to the next row, automatically welding until the entire workpiece is welded, and the workpiece automatically returns or exits from the rear;
3.Automatic dual-mode feeding type: adopts double-layer or front-back dual-mode automatic welding device, using advanced PLC and human-machine interface control and accurate servo motor drive system to form an automatic continuous feeding and welding mechanism, with two sets of molds , One set is welding, the other is placing the workpiece, the two molds are alternately performed, the machine can work continuously without interruption, which effectively improves the efficiency;
4. Automatic feeding and automatic welding step type: equipped with automatic cutting device, horizontal line is put into the hopper, the vertical line is automatically stepped in place according to the distance, then the horizontal line is automatically blanked, automatically welded in a row, and cycled until The entire mesh required is welded;
The grill net welding machine is widely used in various places such as fence nets, hardware nets, shelves, cages, net racks, iron plate ribs, etc.
1. Equipped with electrode pressure adjustment device to ensure stable and adjustable pressure during welding.
2. The upper electrode is equipped with multiple cylinders, which can weld different flat screens.
3. The lower electrode adopts a lifting cylinder.
4. The welding machine adopts double current and double pedal control.
5. Using microcomputer digital circuit timing and energy control circuit, welding current is accurate, stable and reliable.
6. The switching device adopts domestic famous factory SCR or contactor, and is equipped with a protection circuit, and the failure rate is low.
7.SCR adopts water cooling, and the cooling effect is good.
8. Can weld low carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, galvanized sheet, etc.

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