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Shock absorber welding machine

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Shock absorber welding machine
The shock absorber seam welding machine is specially used for welding the upper and lower end rings of the shock absorber oil tank. The left and right welding wheels of the welding machine are rotated by the correction wheel, so that the welding wheel always maintains a certain width, thereby obtaining a beautiful welding surface. The electrode adopts silver tile structure, which greatly improves the service life. And with microcomputer control, stable welding performance and quality assurance.

Repair of the shock absorber welding machine as soon as the following problems occur:
1. The welding machine of the shock absorber does not work when stepping on the pedal, the power indicator is not on:
a Check whether the power supply voltage is normal; check whether the control system is normal.
b Check the foot switch contacts, AC contactor contacts, and split-shift switch for good contact or burnout.
2. The power indicator is on, and the workpiece is not pressed and welded:
a Check if the foot pedal travel is in place and the foot switch is in good contact.
b Check that the pressure lever spring screws are properly adjusted.
3. Unexpected splashing occurs during welding:
a Check if the electrode tip is heavily oxidized.
b Check whether the welding workpiece is severely rusted and has poor contact.
c Check if the switch position is too high.
d Check if the electrode pressure is too low and the welding procedure is correct.
4. Welding indentation is serious and there is extrudate:
a Check for excessive current.
b Check whether the welding workpiece is uneven.
c Check whether the electrode pressure is too high, and the electrode tip shape and cross section are appropriate.
5. Weak workpiece strength:
a Check if the electrode pressure is too low, and check if the electrode rod is fastened.
b. Check whether the welding energy is too low, and whether the welding workpiece is severely rusted, making the solder joints poorly contacted.
c Check if there is too much oxide between the electrode tip and electrode rod, electrode rod and electrode arm.
d Check if the electrode tip cross section is increased due to wear and tear resulting in reduced welding energy.
e Check whether the electrode and copper soft coupling and bonding surface are severely oxidized.
6. The AC contactor sounds abnormally during welding:
a Check whether the incoming voltage of the AC contactor is lower than its own release voltage by 300 volts during welding.
b Check whether the power lead is too thin or too long, causing too much voltage drop in the line.
c Check if the network voltage is too low to work properly.
d Check if the main transformer is short-circuited, causing too much current.
7, shock absorber welding machine overheating phenomenon:
a Check if the insulation resistance between the electrode holder and the body is not good, causing a local short circuit.
b Check whether the inlet water pressure, water flow, and water supply temperature are appropriate, and check whether the water system is blocked by dirt, which may cause the electrode arm, electrode rod, and electrode tip to overheat due to poor cooling.
c Check the copper soft coupling and the electrode arm, whether the contact surface of the electrode rod and the electrode head is seriously oxidized, which causes the contact resistance to increase and generate serious heat.
d Check whether the cross section of the electrode tip is excessively increased due to wear, which causes the welder to overload and generate heat.
e Check whether the welding thickness and load continuity rate exceed the standard, which will overload the welding machine and generate heat.
Repair, replace, and adjust according to the detected faulty part.

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