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Differences between spot welders and bump welders

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In industrial production, we need to use different equipment to work, and some tasks require equipment with similar functions to complete, but they are different in nature. For example, in the electric welding industry, there are many welding machines, but they have different welding methods. Let's let us specifically explain the difference between a touch welding machine and a spot welding machine.

During the use of the bump welding machine, it has two positive and negative electrodes to achieve an instant short circuit. At the moment, a large current is generated. This high temperature effect will achieve the purpose of welding between the welding material and the workpiece.

The operation method is very simple, and the biggest feature of the spot welder is that it is more refined to make the final welding effect better. Therefore, in the welding application, the demand for the spot welder is also increasing. During use, the cylinder is used to increase the pressure, and the current is used to weld through the contact surface of the contact head and the resistance heat generated nearby.

Therefore, spot welding machines are also known as resistance welding. They have higher production efficiency and lower cost of use. In the welding process, materials can be greatly saved, and the automation efficiency is quite high. For some high-end welding industries, they have a very wide range of applications. For example, in the aerospace industry, the role of spot welding machines appears to be Very obvious.

For the two welding methods, the welding machines have their own characteristics, so their applications are also different. Users can also choose different welding equipment according to their actual use.

The above is all the content introduced for everyone, I hope to help everyone. If you want to learn more, you can browse our website and we will provide you with more professional information.

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