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How to clean the IF welding machine

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How to clean the IF welding machine
Ankang's use of intermediate frequency welding machines is a must-know memory for each of our workers or ordinary people who apply spot welding machines. This means that the spot welding machine is the correct one in the end. What is the return journey in the end? Before the welding of the intermediate frequency welding machine, we must have the same preparations to ensure that we are on the job is safe for ourselves and others? Here we make a few advices on clean-up and power-on inspection before proceeding.
We said that the preparation for cleaning before welding by the intermediate frequency welding machine is the finishing touch. Foreign matter often appears in the upper and lower electrodes, such as oil stains. This often requires us to sort out the domestic needs, lest in life, this is An insignificant chore, but even if it causes our spot welder to malfunction in Anru Taishan, kicking is easy, but we must do it well. The introspection is necessary when we use the spot welder. This is an important part when the spot welder is used. Sometimes the electrical equipment may show electrical signs. Of course, our gas circuit system may also have leakage. , So we must do a good job of introspection before application, so as to maintain the safety of our production.
First of all, when welding an intermediate frequency welder in service, the position of the electrode rod should be adjusted first, so that when the electrode is just pressed to the weldment, the electrode arms are kept parallel to each other. Then, the intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machine current adjustment switch series selection of materials can only be selected according to the thickness and material of the weldment. After the power is turned on, the power indicator should be on. The pressure on the electrode can be adjusted by the pressure screw nut of the reed. Change the minus level to obtain it.
After the intermediate frequency welding machine is working on the ripe fruit, it can be connected to the cooling water before relaying the power to prevent accidental welding. Specific welding Changhe: The welding piece is placed between the two electrodes, and the foot pedal is depressed, and the upper electrode and the welding piece are triggered and pressurized. When the foot pedal is continuously pressed, the power contact and the electric door are connected, so the transformer starts to take care The secondary circuit is energized to heat the weldment. When the welding is completed, the electrode rises when the foot pedal is released after the age, and the power of the reed is used to isolate the power supply and then return to the original state. The single-point welding process ends. At the end, the weldments of the spot welder must be planned and assembled.
Before welding the intermediate frequency welding machine, the original dirt, oil, scale and rust must be memorized and washed away. Especially for hot-rolled steel, it is best to remove the scale by pickling, sandblasting or using a grinding wheel. Although the unwelded weldment can expand the spot welding, the service life of the electrode has been severely plunged, and the production efficiency and quality of the spot welding have plummeted. This is particularly important.

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