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How to prevent spatter in the early stage of spot welding of intermediate frequency welding machine?

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The reason for the large flame of the intermediate frequency welding machine:
Spattering of the intermediate frequency welder during the welding process may deter the strength of the solder joint, and it will affect the workers who are working. The spatter of the spot welder has two cases: front shot and back splash.
If it is found in the early stage of spot welding, the projecting condition is found,
1. Maybe the large surface of the welding object is not clean. It has not been sorted out yet, or it is far from sorted out. When using a spot welder in service, pay attention to the cleaning of the spot welder. This will make the welding better.
2. It is possible that the pressure distribution on the contact surface between the spot welder and the welding material is not uniform, which causes the local current density to be too high, which causes the initial melting of the welding material, which leads to the occurrence of projections.
So how alert are the shots in the initial spot welding of the intermediate frequency welder?
1. We urgently need to clean up the spot welder. We need to clean up the spot welder table and the welding material before and after each use to ensure that the welding material is clean and tidy.
2. Pay attention to the preload during the welding process. If it is impossible, it is recommended to use a large preheating current to slow down the heating speed.
For example, there was a splash in the last year of spot welding. What is the reason?
This may be due to the fact that the side pressure during spot welding is too large and exceeds the electrode side pressure range, which causes the plastic ring to burst and cause shots. Why can't we reduce the solution of the electrician and the compression current to prevent shots.
In order to ensure that the spot welder can do a better job, we urgently need to cover and stop the spot welder.

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