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Where are the advantages and characteristics of intermediate frequency spot welders?

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1.Welding quality

Because the frequency of the intermediate frequency spot welding machine is up to 1000Hz, the secondary current output is strong, and the waveform is straight, which expands the range of stable nucleation size. There is almost no spatter in the initial stage of welding, the current naturally increases, and the surface quality of the solder joint is good.

IF Spot Welder

2. Welding specifications

If the response speed of the spot welding machine is 1ms, the current can reach the set value faster and the parameters can be analyzed more accurately; Three-phase balanced input, the parameters are stable; the constant current effect is very stable;

3. Adaptability

Suitable for welding various materials, such as aluminum alloy, aluminum, etc., with good thermal conductivity and poor weldability. The welding quality of galvanized sheet and ordinary multilayer board is much higher than that of power frequency welding machine.

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