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Understand the safety performance test methods of the lower welding machine

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In today's industrial banks, other machinery and equipment have hidden safety hazards in the course of operation. To this end, the safety of the operator's manpower and the use of facilities are invariably implied. In other words, if the welding machine wants to achieve a good result in the process of the commissioner, then the Chenguang of the commissioner must constantly optimize the safety of its operation. The following briefly introduces the security performance test:

Taken within the bounds of the past. If the user wants to continuously optimize its safety during the operation of the row welding machine, this means that in the course of its use, there is no doubt that the limit of the number of start-up and start-up by the core welding machine is used. In the course of use, there are application-specific restrictions that are determined. If it is adopted beyond its definition, its security will inevitably be affected.

Start a detailed review of the welder. In addition to the above-mentioned application within the range of the welding machine can also optimize its safety outside, in the process of its application, it is necessary to carry out detailed reflection on the welding to see if it is within its capabilities and immediately invoked In good condition, only the state in which it is used can be managed to ensure its security.

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