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Briefly describe the welding time of the row welding machine

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The power used by the row welding machine should meet the requirements of the voltage and frequency of the power supply. When there are high-frequency electrical equipment near the row welding machine, necessary protective measures should be taken. When the voltage fluctuation range of the power supply is large, it may affect the welding quality of the workpiece . Because the welding power of the row welding machine is relatively large, the corresponding knife switch and power cord must be installed in accordance with the requirements of Table 5. The row welding machine uses an automatic air switch with leakage protection and overload protection.

Row welding machine

Do not easily increase the capacity of the gate knife switch fuse and use copper wire instead of the safety fuse. Otherwise, when the welding machine fails, it will not provide the proper protection, and may even burn the welding transformer and control of the welding machine. section. The power cord used should be no less than the data in the table. In order to ensure the normal operation of the welding machine and the personal safety of the operator, the welding machine should be grounded before use. The resistance of the grounding resistance should be consistent with that of electrical equipment. Grounding safety requirements.

During spot welding, the nugget size is mainly controlled by the welding time. With other welding parameters unchanged, the longer the welding time, the larger the nugget size. Where higher welding strength is required, generally larger welding energy and shorter welding time should be selected. Special attention should be paid to the fact that longer welding time will increase the energy consumption of the welding machine, and will also increase electrode wear and reduce equipment life.

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