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How is the seam weld of a spot welder formed?

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The welding joint of the spot welder is composed of overlapping parts of the welding joint, so the steering at this time is much more serious than that during spot welding, which brings difficulties to the welding of highly conductive aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy thick plates. Because the cross-sectional area of the weld is usually more than twice the longitudinal cross-sectional area of the wire, the thinner the plate, the larger the proportion. Damage must occur in the heat-affected zone of the base metal. Therefore, the strength of welded joints is rarely valued. The main requirement is that the welded joint has good sealing and corrosion resistance.

Spot welding

In the process of forming (continuing) the welded joints of the spot welder, each welded joint also undergoes three stages of pre-pressing, electric heating and cooling crystallization. However, because the relative position between the roller electrode and the weld changes rapidly, these three stages are not as obvious as in spot welding. The weldment is assembled into a lap joint and placed between the two roll electrodes. The roller electrode presses the welding part and rotates, and continuously or intermittently sends electrical pulses to form a continuous welding resistance welding method. In other words, seam welding is a development of spot welding.

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