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How to perform maintenance on IF welding machine

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Installation and maintenance of intermediate frequency welding machine
The intermediate frequency welding machine must be properly applied to the grounding device side to ensure full life. Before the application of the intermediate frequency welder, a 500V megohmmeter must be used to test the intermediate ground resistance between the pressurized side of the intermediate frequency welder and the shell. When repairing, disconnect the power switch first, and then unpack and inspect. Intermediate frequency welding machine first performs pressure test and welding, and it is forbidden to work without water. Cooling circulating water should ensure the supply of industrial sewage treatment at 5--30 ℃ under the working pressure of 0.15-0.2MPa leaking. After the work of the intermediate frequency welding machine in winter, air compression is used to blow the water in the pipeline to prevent the water pipe from being frozen and broken.
The intermediate frequency welding machine wire is not suitable for being too thin and too long. The current during electric welding cannot exceed 5 of the original working voltage, and the original working voltage cannot be offset by ± 10 from the switching power supply working voltage. In the actual operation of the intermediate frequency welding machine, rubber gloves, gowns and goggles should be worn to prevent burns from flying out. The drag part should be kept stable and moistened, and the metal material splashing should be eliminated after application. The new IF welder should be tightened once after 24 hours of application, especially pay attention to the copper soft coupler and the electric level intermediate connection screw must be tightened. After use, the electric level rod and the electric level arm should always be eliminated. Intermediate metal oxide to ensure excellent touch.
If the DC contactor is found to be false in the application of the intermediate frequency welding machine, it indicates that the working voltage of the power network is too low. The customer should first deal with the problem of the switching power supply. It must be emphasized that if the newly purchased intermediate frequency welder has a quality problem of the main part within ten days, it can be replaced or replaced with a new intermediate frequency welder. A part of the intermediate frequency welder server is guaranteed for one year and long-term after-sales maintenance services are available. In general, after the customer informs the factory, the service is thoughtful in three to seven days according to the distance. The damage of the intermediate frequency welding machine caused by the customer is not covered by the warranty. Parts and consumables are not covered by the warranty.
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