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Safety operation steps of IF welding machine

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Full operation of intermediate frequency welding machine
The intermediate frequency welding machine uses the basic principle of two-point double-point overcurrent electric welding. During the operation of the intermediate frequency welding machine, two electric-level charged steel parts make the double-layer metal material generate a certain contact resistance under the working pressure of the two electric levels. Electric welding welding current flows from one electric level to another electric level at the instant of two contact resistance points, and the welding current of intermediate frequency welding machine flows from the other electric level to the two steel parts in an instant. This electric level generates a control loop without hurting the internal structure of the workpiece being welded.
The following applies:
1. The intermediate frequency welding machine applied on the spot shall be provided with a waterproof and rainproof, waterproof and sun-proof isolation shed, and the corresponding fire fighting equipment shall be arranged.
2. Within 10m of the spot of intermediate frequency electromechanical welding, no accumulation of flammable, flammable and explosive materials such as raw material oil, wood, oxygen tank, acetylene generator, etc. is allowed.
3. Intermediate-frequency welding Electromechanical welding Welding actual operation and mutual cooperation Staff must wear protective equipment in accordance with regulations. And be sure to adopt safety precautions to avoid all accidents such as electric shocks, falling objects, and coalbed gas poisoning fires.
4. The secondary coil tap should be tightly connected to copper coins, and the terminal must have a sealing ring. Before re-closing, the wiring screw caps, anchor bolts and other components should be thoroughly inspected and determined to be intact and complete, no loosening or damage. There are protective covers at the terminals.
5. Before the application of the intermediate frequency welding machine, check and confirm that the wiring of the primary and secondary coils is proper. Enter the working voltage that meets the requirements of the factory nameplate of the DC welding machine. After switching on the power supply, it is forbidden to touch the inductive electrification part of the junior and intermediate routes. The primary and secondary coil wiring must be equipped with a protective cover.

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