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Preparation before use of seam welding machine

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Welding seam welding should be adequately prepared in advance before welding
In the seam welding, electromechanical welding should be done well before welding. The most important thing is to do a good job in each step and each set of inspection work to ensure the power circuit, gas supply, instrument panel, power switch, etc. everything is normal. The following Linyi seam welding machine manufacturers introduce to everyone the details of the preparation of the seam welding electromechanical welding in advance.
Wire seam welding, electromechanical welding, preparation in advance, the following responsibilities:
1. Be sure to carry out strict inspections on the seam welding machine and its attached equipment to ensure that the power circuit, water channel, gas supply and mechanical equipment of the seam welding machine are all in normal operation.
2. Check and ensure that the instrument panel, power switch, buttons, knobs, gate valves, indicator lights and other components of the seam welding machine must be intact, and to ensure easy adjustment, the marking information of the seam welding machine is clear and accurate.
3. Move the seam welding machine to the periphery of the electric welding position and cover the main power switch; turn on the main power switch and cooling system of the seam welding machine to ensure that the cooling water channel of the circulation system is unblocked. Operate the main power switch to the open position, select the main parameters of the electric welding according to the thickness of the raw materials to be welded, and adjust the main parameters of the seam welding machine to the "adjustment during work" power switch to the adjustment position. When the power switch of the welding machine is turned on, it can be welded.

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