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What are the advantages of seam welding machines?

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What are the key points of the advantages of a seam welder?
The application of the seam welding machine is more common, and sometimes the use of this accessory will also cause abnormalities, which will make the production progress. So, what are the key points of the advantages of a seam welder?
The wire seam welding machine can reduce the heat generation and the working pressure of metaphysics at the electric level, never the valley value of the current, has not competed with the electromagnetic field, and the life of the electric level has increased by 30% -50%. The transformer frequency of the seam welding machine is relatively high, and there is no secondary side power circuit reactance loss, and the water and electricity costs are saved by 20% -40%. 20% -40% of diligence, current consumption is 2.9 times less per phase, thinner cable 1/3, damage the output power of the switching power supply, and reduce investment in electrical equipment for capital construction.
The main parameters of wire seam welding electromechanical welding are adjusted, dynamically adjusted, and responsive adjustments have achieved good spot welding quality. There are no material pictures with less overtemperature and less spatter. There is no need to divide after welding and save costs.
Three-phase balanced input, the environmental pollution from the wrong power network, without claiming compensation and filter accessories, the net weight and yard number of wire seam welding transformers are discounted by 60%. The use of seam welding machines can reduce costs.

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