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Longitudinal seam welder

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Longitudinal seam welder
Longitudinal seam welding machine is a kind of automatic welding equipment with good quality, high efficiency and no deformation. It can complete the butt welding of thin seams, cones, flat plates or square boxes with one end open. The welding points of longitudinal seam welding machines in the industries of auto parts, Yilong machinery, thin-walled pressure vessels and food machinery are as follows:
1. Defects such as good compactness of the oxide film on the surface of the superalloy must be cleaned.
2. Use soft welding parameters and large electrode pressure to improve the compaction effect of the electrode pressure. Under conditions, increase the welding parameters of the top plating force to reduce spatter and prevent cracks.
3. Strengthen cooling and avoid repeated heating as much as possible to reduce the chance of "beard" -like defects in the near seam area. Pneumatic key-pressing structure, tightly arranged along both sides of the straight seam, to ensure that the butt welds are evenly pressed throughout the entire welding length. The distance between the left and right key pressing fingers can be adjusted to adapt to the welding of different workpieces. The size can be air-bag type or air-cylinder type to ensure sufficient pressing force to prevent thermal deformation during welding.


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