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Automatic straight seam welding machine

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Automatic straight seam welding machine
Structure of automatic straight seam welding machine: It adopts cantilever type single column structure, which is mainly composed of bed, pneumatic key-type plate clamp, beam guide, mandrel, electric carriage, welding gun pneumatic lifting mechanism, welding gun three-dimensional adjustment mechanism, pneumatic system and electrical Control system and other components. PLC control is accurate. The welding motor is driven by the traveling motor to move the carriage and guide rail in a straight line. Pneumatic key-press clamp and copper gasket ensure uniform pressure, uniform and rapid heat dissipation, and beautifully formed weld back surface.
Straight seam welding machine is a semi-automatic welding system specially designed for welding thin metal plates. Generally, an argon arc welding machine or a CO2 gas shielded welding machine is selected as the welding power source. It can be conveniently welded such as cylindrical and titanium alloy plates. , Aluminum plate, iron plate, copper, etc., the material thickness is generally 0.3-3mm. This machine adopts pneumatic automatic centering, using copper keys to pneumatically press the workpiece welding place in the middle of the welding main beam, through a cross welding gun fine-tuning device, the tungsten electrode of the welding gun is aligned with the welding seam, and then the automatic arc starting straight line gun is realized. Straight seam welding of the workpiece is completed at one time. The welding speed of this machine is continuously adjustable. The original DC motor and linear guide are used to make the welding gun walk at a uniform speed without jitter, thereby ensuring high-quality welding of the workpiece.

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