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Automatic ring seam welding machine

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Automatic ring seam welding machine
The automatic ring seam welder technology of the water stop valve is a concentrated expression of the mechanization and automation of modern welding technology. The automatic ring seam welder of the water stop valve effectively improves the efficiency of the industry and is widely used in various industries, even in the wild. Automatic ring seam welding machine with water valve is indispensable for installation, and the automation technology can completely replace manual operation.
The mechanization and automation of the welding process of the automatic ring seam welder of the water stop valve is an important development of modern welding technology. It not only marked higher welding production efficiency and better welding quality, but also greatly improved production labor conditions. In the manual arc welding process, the main welding actions are to ignite the arc, feed the electrode to maintain a certain arc length, move the arc forward and extinguish the arc. If these actions are automatically completed by the machine, it is called automatic welding.
Advantages of automatic ring seam welding machine
1. High production efficiency. Submerged arc welding can use a larger current, the penetration of the arc is strong, and the weld penetration is large. Submerged arc welding has concentrated heat, fast welding speed, and 5-10 times higher production efficiency than manual arc welding.
2. The welding quality is high and stable. Welding specifications can be automatically controlled and adjusted to maintain stability. The flux has a good protection effect and prevents air from invading the molten pool metal. Coupled with the large current, the molten pool metal and slag react fully, making its composition uniform. Submerged arc welding seams have high quality metal, stable performance, and beautiful appearance.
3. Save material and power consumption. The arc burns under the flux layer, the heat loss is reduced, and the electrical energy consumed is reduced. In addition, the welding of the medium and thin plates can be done without beveling, the wire metal has no spatter loss, and there is no electrode head, so a large amount of welding metal materials can be saved.
4. Improve labor conditions and reduce labor intensity. Because the arc burns under the flux layer, no arc light is visible during welding, and the welding fumes are very small, so the working conditions have been greatly improved.
5. As the arc area is not visible during submerged arc welding, the processing of joints and the assembly of workpieces are strict. Automatic submerged arc welding generally requires welding at the flat welding position. For narrow positions and thin plate welds, submerged arc welding has certain difficulties.


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