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Inverter seam welding machine

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Inverter seam welding machine is controlled by computer and PLC programming controller with high degree of automation.
It can weld a variety of materials such as hot-rolled ribbed, cold-rolled ribbed, hot-rolled round, cold-rolled round, etc., with wide adaptability.
According to the user's electricity consumption, one-time or multi-time welding is adopted, which has great flexibility. The unit is designed with a separable structure, which is convenient for specification adjustment and maintenance.
Welding systems such as transformers, thyristors, upper and lower electrodes are forced water-cooled and equipped with flow protection devices. The unit can work reliably and continuously.
The pressure of the welding pneumatic system is steplessly adjustable, which can quickly respond to the change of the steel bar specifications; the welding pressure is uniform, ensuring the quality of all welding points.
When welding a standard shaped mesh, the position of the upper and lower electrodes does not need to be adjusted, so that it does not take time to change the pitch price. Greatly increase actual productivity.
Inverter seam welding machine
Inverter seam welding machine is mainly used for welding of building nets, football fields, railroads, highways, bridges, buildings, residential quarters and other fence nets as well as shelves and storage cages. Able to complete the welding requirements of various wire meshes with different wire diameters and different meshes with high quality
1.The width of the mesh of the CNC fence welding machine is 3.0 meters
2.The welding diameter of CNC net fence row welding machine is 2.5mm-6mm
3.NC self-cooling air-cooled welding machine
4. The welding form of the CNC net fence row welding machine is compacted once, and the welding is controlled separately.
5. NC net fence welding machine adopts cycle fine tuning to reduce welding pollution
6. The welding pressure of NC net fence row welding machine is adjustable.
7.The diameter of the wire mesh welding machine can be adjusted.
8. The hole distance input of the weft wire of the CNC wire fence row welding machine is automatically changed by the computer.
9, CNC fence welding machine is widely used in the welding of railway fence nets, highway fence nets, bridges and higher mesh welding.


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