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Multi-head spot welder

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Multi-head spot welder
The multi-head spot welder is a special welder for welding horse stools, which can weld 5 or 6 heads at a time. The welding points are firm, well formed, and the welding speed is fast. A microcomputer controller controls a transformer to control a welding point, and the current of each welding point can Independent adjustment, the entire welding process is completed automatically, the welding effect is good, the precision is high, and the labor cost can be greatly saved. With unparalleled advantages of traditional spot welding machines, 1. The cylinder spot welding head can be adjusted back and forth, left and right, so that alignment can be corrected. 2. Spot welding machine is double-head spot welding. 3, the welding distance between the front and back can be adjusted, the distance can be adjusted between 100-300mm. 4. Welding conveying speed adopts variable frequency speed regulation. 5. The control operation panel displays data packets for easy operation.
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