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How to operate the inverter welding machine will be simpler and easier to understand

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When we operate the frequency conversion spot welding machine, we all hope that the equipment can exert the welding efficiency. What are the know-how for operating the frequency conversion welding machine? Let's find out below!
1. The surface of the workpiece must be cleaned before welding. If the surface has an oxide layer, rust and oil stains, it will lead to unqualified welding quality. Welding parts should be pickled, sandblasted or use an abrasive wheel to remove the oxide film. Welding is not recommended.
2. In the maintenance of motors and electrical appliances, when special parts such as copper wires and copper bars are encountered, and the parts cannot be welded with an open flame, a low-voltage electric welder can be used. After the current is adjusted, the carbon rods can be connected to the welding parts. Carbon copper, soldering and other auxiliary agents for welding can also make the copper wire itself.
3. When the coil is changed during motor maintenance, the low voltage and high current of the pneumatic spot welder can be used to dry and discharge the stator and rotor coils to replace the drying box.
4. Pay attention to the condition of the down-converter welding machine during use. During normal use, the equipment will emit stable exhaust, down pressure, and discharge sounds. The machine will run slowly, dullly, and abnormally. The power should be cut off for troubleshooting.
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