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Why the shock absorber leaks oil

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The shock absorber welding machine is a vehicle accessory used to suppress the rebound shock after the shock absorbs the spring. It improves the comfort of the personnel in the car, that is to say, it plays the role of stabilizing the spring and reduces the bumpiness when driving. The inside of the shock absorber is If it is full of oil, if the shock absorber is broken, it will increase fuel consumption and cause flat tires. Then, what to do when the shock absorber welder leaks oil?

1. Slight oil leakage, that is, occasional oil leakage from the shock absorber welding machine, but it will not affect the comfort of the driving vehicle, which is no different from normal shock absorbers. This oil leakage can be left untreated, but Keep checking to see if you are serious.

2. Severe oil leakage will cause the vehicle's shock absorbing effect to deteriorate, which will seriously affect the driving comfort. Sometimes there are abnormal noises on bumpy roads. It is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing. Rupture and damage, check the cylinder head to see if these parts are tightened.

3. When it is found that there is oil leakage in the shock absorber welding machine, tighten the cylinder head screw nut. If the oil leaks, the oil seal and sealing gasket may be damaged and should be replaced with new ones. If the problem cannot be solved, pull out the damping rod, if you feel the card is issued or the weight is different, then check whether the gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large, whether the piston rod of the shock absorber is bent, the surface of the piston rod and the If the cylinder is scratched or pulled, take repairs and replace with new parts according to the situation. Shock absorber welder oil leakage should be done even if resolved.


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