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What to do if the spot welder fails

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The spot welding machine adopts the principle of double-sided double-point overcurrent welding. During work, the two electrodes press the workpiece to make the two layers of metal form a certain contact resistance under the pressure of the two electrodes, and the welding current flows from one electrode to the other Instantaneous thermal welding is formed at the two contact resistance points, and the welding current flows from the other electrode along the two workpieces to this electrode to form a loop, without hurting the internal structure of the workpiece being welded.
1. The spot welding machine does not work when the pedal welding machine is stepped on, and the power indicator is off:
(1). Check whether the power supply voltage is normal; check whether the control system is normal.
(2). Check whether the contacts of the foot switch, the contacts of the war fighter, and the split-shift switch can fight well or burn out.
2. The power indicator is on, and the workpiece is not pressed and welded:
(1). Check whether the foot pedal travel is in place and whether the foot switch can fight well.
(2). Check whether the spring bolts of the pressure lever can be adjusted properly.
3, the spot welder shows an unintended splash when welding:
(1). Check if the electrode tip can be oxidized.
(2). Check whether the welded workpiece is tense, rusty or bad.
(3). Check if the adjustment switch is too high.
(4). Check whether the electrode pressure is too small and the welding step is accurate.
4. The spot indentation of the spot welder is tight and there is extrudate:
(1). Check whether the current is too large.
(2). Check whether the welding workpiece has unevenness.
(3). Check whether the electrode pressure is too high, and whether the electrode tip shape and cross section are appropriate.
5. Insufficient strength of spot welding machine welding workpiece:
(1). Check whether the pressure of the electrode is too small, and check whether the electrode rod is fastened.
(2). Check whether the welding energy is too small, whether the welding workpiece is rusty, and the welding joints are not good.
(3). Check whether there is too much oxide between the electrode head and the electrode rod, the electrode rod and the electrode arm.
(4). Check whether the cross section of the electrode tip can increase due to wear and reduce the welding energy.
(5). Check whether the electrode and the copper soft coupling and the bonding surface can undergo tension oxidation.
6, the spot welding machine exchanges the abnormal sound of the warrior when welding:
(1). Check whether the incoming line voltage of the exchange fighter is lower than its own release voltage by 300 volts during welding.
(2). Check whether the power supply leads are too thin or too long, resulting in too large a voltage drop in the line.
(3). Check if the network voltage is too low to work properly.
(4). Check whether the main transformer is short-circuited and the current is too large.
7. The spot welder shows overheating:
(1). Check whether the insulation resistance between the electrode holder and the body is bad and form a local short circuit.
(2). Check whether the inlet water pressure, water flow, and water supply temperature are appropriate, check whether the water system is blocked by dirt, and cause the electrode arm, electrode rod, and electrode tip to overheat due to poor cooling.
(3). Check whether the copper flexible coupling and the electrode arm, the electrode rod and the electrode head are oxidized, and the resistance of the battle increases the heat tension.
(4). Check whether the cross section of the electrode head is excessively increased due to wear and tear, causing the welding machine to overload and generate heat.
(5). Check whether the welding thickness and load continuity exceed the standard, which will cause the welding machine to overload and generate heat.

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