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How the kitchen sink sink welder works

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The seam welding machine rises every year. Because of the changes in the country and the necessary development of consumers, the general argon arc cutting method of stainless steel sink table has gradually become outdated, and has even been severely reduced. What the manufacturers want is to develop their own product quality and production capacity, and they are also struggling to find a more scientific, efficient, and good setting to obtain the needs of us and the market. Our company can easily develop and develop this according to market needs. Set of sink countertop welding equipment.
When the seam welding head of the kitchen sink sink seam welding machine completes the method (interruption) of seam welding, each welding point must also undergo three periods of pre-pressing, heating and cooling crystallization. But because of the easy change of place between the wheel electrode and the weldment during seam welding, these three periods are not as obvious as those identified during spot welding.
Under the direct compression of the roller electrode, the metal being heated by the current is in the "electric heating period", and the adjacent metal that is about to enter the roller electrode is deeply affected by the necessary preheating and the appropriate pressure efficiency of the roller electrode. The "pre-pressing stage", the adjacent metal that just appeared from under the roller electrode, took the lead in cooling on the one hand, and was deeply affected by the appropriate pressure efficiency of the roller electrode in the same fashion, which is in the "cooling crystallization period".
As a result, the cutting area under the roller electrode and the metal materials adjacent to it will often be understood at different times in the same. For any welding point on the weld, the method of passing under the roller is also the three-phase method of "pre-pressing-electric heating-cooling crystallization". Because this method is often dynamic, the pressure efficiency during the pre-pressing and cooling crystallization periods is not sufficient, and the grade of the seam welding head should generally be worse than that of spot welding, and defects such as cracks and shrinkage are prone to occur.
The heat energy required for the nuggets completed by spot welding on the stainless steel table sink welder is selected from the heat energy generated by the current through the resistance of the cutting zone. In other cases, given the form, the amount of cutting current determines the penetration rate of the nugget. When cutting low-carbon steel, the statistical nugget penetration rate of the nugget is 30 to 70% of that of the steel sheet. When the nugget penetration rate is 45 to 50%, the cutting strength is high. When the cutting current exceeds a certain regular value, continue Increasing the current can only increase the nucleation rate, and it is not easy to develop the joint strength, because it consumes more power and increases the loss of the setting, so it is very uneconomical to make the principal. If the current is too large, defects such as deep indentation and cutting through will occur.

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